Small to large scale

Events and festivals

With over 100,00 watts of quality amplifiers from Powersoft, Lab Gruppen, Crown, Audio Pro. Perfect for Large scale Buck + Does, receptions, corporate events or multiple stage events. Check our inventory.

People putting on an event, large or small, have a lot of responsibilities to deal with and that is were we come in. We take on the sound production, appearance, safety and all special requests. We can also help to arrange lights, tents, stages and even your security needs.  

Past clients + events


  • Doug + the Slugs

  • Danko Jones

  • See Spot Run

  • IROX

  • Ashgrove

  • Thunder Mug

  • Big on Venus

  • Bill Durst Band

  • George Canyon

  • Eric Etheridge

  • The Mudmen

  • Next Generation Leahy


  • Clinton Hospital Gala

  • Bayfield Car Show

  • Goderich Canada Day Fireworks

  • Dancing with the Stars (H.C.)

  • International Plowing Match (IPM 2017)

  • 2018 Wizardfest

    2018 Dancing with the Stars

Clone Bands

  • Britney Spears

  • Spice Girls

  • Elvis

  • Rod Stewart

  • Elton John


  • Prime Minister Trudeau

  • Premier Wynne


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